Your Spot


Your Spot offers various
structural solutions.

The spaces are new and modern,
furnished with designer furniture and fully equipped.

Spaces come in different sizes and formats, ideal for meetings, training sessions, presentations, workshops, press conferences, coaching and panels.


An excellent option for networking events, exhibitions, press conferences, book signings, product launches etc.

The Paulista and Aclimação units offer comfortable lounges with contemporary furniture. These inspirational spaces are stylishly designed, providing tables, chairs and couches - ideal for informal events and meetings.

Office Classrooms

Ideal for meetings, training sessions, workshops, press conferences, coaching and panels.

Rooms with classroom-style furniture (desks and chairs) or university-style (combo desk-chairs), white board, computers, multimedia projector and built-in sound system.


Labs equipped with state-of-the-art desktops or laptops, able to support any type of technological training/development.


Auditoriums with capacity of 80 to 350 people, at the Paulista and Aclimação units, recommended for forums, conferences, debates, speeches, lectures, videocast recordings, etc.